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Send documents for e signature in a personalised email.

Send your digital documents for e signature in a personalised email with E-Sign. Create your own email design and email signature that your customers will recognise and provide them with confidence to e-sign the documents.

All personalised emails created adhere to our strict security protocols. See our security page for more information.

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Customised email design to send documents for e signature

It is now even easier to incorporate the electronic signature technology into your own company brand, as E-Sign offers a number of options to imprint your own email design, company logo and personalised email address onto the communications. Ensuring your customers quickly recognise who the e signature requests are coming from and further cements your brand presence in their inbox.

Customer peace of mind

Utilising professional looking emails provides peace of mind to your customers, ensuring they are e signing digital documents that are authentic and can be trusted.

Customise your email design with:

Add your company logo and email signature to your E-Sign emails from within your E-Sign account.

Check out the video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide for how to add your own company logo:

To make it even easier for your users to identify documents coming from your organisation, you can use a personalised email address your E-Sign invitation and notification emails are sent from. The biggest benefit of using company branded emails, is every time you send your documents out for e signature you are promoting your company and not others.

Still want to know more about personalising your emails?

If you need any assistance in personalising your emails, or have any other enquiries:


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