How to create Document Packs

Using E-Sign allows you to create document packs for multiple document signing, by one or more individuals.

Send out several documents as one complete pack for signing, allowing all your signers to edit and sign all your documents at the same time, for ease of document turnaround.


Step by step guide

Step 1

From your E-Sign dashboard select your chosen uploaded document.

Step 2

Select one of your documents for signing and select either of the options, ‘I’ll sign it’, ‘Send it’ or ‘Co-Sign it’.

Step 3

Add the name and email address of the signers of the documents. If you require multiple signers then simply ‘Add another Signer’.

Step 4

Select the option to ‘Add another document for signing’. Scroll through your library of uploaded documents and select the chosen one to add to the document pack.

Step 5

Now presented with all your documents, you are ready to populate the editable fields, including the signature placement.

Step 6

When document pack complete and ready for sending, select continue.

Create Document Pack templates

Step 1

Follow Steps 1 to 5 as above to create your document pack with all the editable fields and signature placements in their required positions.

Step 2

When satisfied with your document pack select the ‘Save as template’ option.

Most frequent add to team questions

You can send up-to 4 documents in one document pack.

Yes, we take care of signature capture for you, and guide all your signers through the simple process.

Yes up-to 13 signers can sign any one document.

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