How to personalise your digital e-signature

Create your own look signature in the ‘my signature’ section of your E-Sign dashboard.


Step by step guide

Step 1

From your E-Sign dashboard you will be presented with the option to ‘Create or edit your signature’.

Step 2

Create or edit your signature within the My signature section. You will be presented with the option to ‘Type signature’, ‘Draw your own’ and ‘upload your own’. Once you have created your new personalised advanced electronic signature, you can save it for future use.

Most frequent personalise your e-signature questions

Yes. E-Sign is optimised for most mobile browsers.

Yes. If they are new to E-Sign, they will be invited to add their personal signature. If they are a registered user, we can add this from our database.

No. We recognise that our users like to add the 'traditional' hand signature. This is purely aesthetic, but behind this is E-Sign’s advanced electronic signature. E-Sign captures key identifiers to digitally record the identity of a signer, in a unique manner, and embed this onto the document. It is this signature capture that is legally binding and admissible.

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