Security of E-Sign's electronic signature

E-Sign is an advanced electronic signature service provider, with secure storage and compliance solutions. We go above and beyond the legislative requirements set out in the legal frameworks governing their use worldwide.

Digitally signing documents with E-Sign provides you more security

E-Sign’s electronic signature is unique to each signer and to the document, on which it is embedded. A digital fingerprint is generated with a randomness of 1 in 62 billion. We associate a signer with a document in a recorded transaction in the format of a coded message through specific Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocols. Using PKI we provide the highest level of security and universal acceptance for the digital transactions of documents.

For more information on the Legality of Electronic Signatures:

Legality of Electronic Signatures

Secure by default Infrastructure

Only the Account holder and their users have access to documents they create, achieved by access controls to data via control measures within the PKI policies we use.

Secure platform and website

All interactions within the E-Sign platform and website are 100% secure via 256bit SSL encryption, meaning your data is protected and safe from hackers.

Secure document uploads

Regulation All documents are uploaded via secure 256bit SSL encryption endpoints using HTTPS protocols. This method of secure communication over a computer network provides authentication of the visited site and platform and also protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.

Secure document transactions

E-Sign utilises Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) for sending the digitally encrypted emails. The link within the email to the digitally encrypted document is accessed via PKI access. The URL within the email is SHA encrypted which is time limited and changes every time it accessed.

Secure storage

E-Sign has its own state of the art servers within the UK and Isle of Man, with enhanced physical and digital security in place. We operate with server side encryption (SSE), which encrypts the data at rest, twin firewalls protecting our database with a 24/7 monitoring system in place.
E-Sign operates an encrypted client library for end-to-end encryption that cannot be reversed once a document has been passed through it. To access these documents, there are identity and Access Management policies within the infrastructure, that only allow access to documents or any other data to the user and those they send access to.

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